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AVG Mac products are the best security solutions to protect your computer against viruses and malware. This antivirus software offers email shield technology. Therefore, Avg will automatically scan emails and remove contents that contain malware. Here is the list of some Avg Mac products that will protect you during web surfing sessions by blocking harmful sites. 

AVG Mac Products

AVG Antivirus for Mac

AVG Antivirus for Mac is the product that is essential for Mac antivirus. It has a powerful virus cleaner that works in real-time to detect and remove viruses from Mac devices. With the help of AVG antivirus for Mac, you can operate macOS 10.10 or later. This product offers various features and benefits due to which it is mandatory to buy such a product. Following are the features offered by AVG Antivirus for Mac. 

  1. You can get protection against Mac viruses. AVG has the most trusted and award-winning detection technology. Therefore, this ensures to provide complete protection to you and your friends.  
  2. Its antivirus protection feature helps in protecting your device against threats, malware, and other malicious applications.
  3. This is a free comprehensive antivirus solution for Mac that protects and scans your file in real-time.  
  4. It has easy to use interface that does not require any kind of special training. 
  5. Installation of AVG Antivirus for Mac is simple and it performs an initial scan of your Mac instantly. 
  6. This software provides automatic security updates at the right time. So, that you can automatically apply the security profile to the Mac devices. 
  7. AVG Antivirus for Mac blocks malicious websites, email attachments, and downloads. 
  8. This antivirus runs quietly in the background for fewer distractions. 
  9. Also, this antivirus software helps you to work on your device easily without having any sort of problem. 
  10. With the help of this AVG Mac Products, you can keep your device safe, secure and protects against malicious virus attacks. 

AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is the best junk cleaner software for Mac devices. It offers an app called AVG cleaner for Mac which allows Mac users to clear out unnecessary clutter, duplicate files, etc. You can get rid of bad- quality photos and enjoy all the extra drive space. Given below are some of the features delivered by AVG tuneUp for Mac. 

  1. This antivirus software quickly finds and cleans out the junk that is lurking on your Mac. 
  2. It removes Temporary Files and Caches stored by web browsers. 
  3. Also, it removes long-forgotten downloads, logs files, and trash from your device.
  4. You can enjoy a fully automatic Mac cleaner of this product. It cleans out junk automatically while making sure not to delete anything important. 
  5. It removes unnecessary duplicates from your device. So, you can enjoy a lighter and faster Mac. 
  6.  AVG tuneup deletes bloatware and old programs. 
  7. This product identifies blurry, low- quality photos and get rid of them.
  8. This is a simple and fast drive cleaner solution. 
  9. AVG tuneUp scanning is extremely fast. Also, it gives you a clear overview of which files are duplicates or hogging space.
  10. It integrates with Avg protection, a suite designed to improve the performance of the PC. 

AVG Secure VPN For Mac 

AVG Secure VPN is a one-click privacy solution for Mac devices. This antivirus software can connect to servers anywhere in the world. Like a private tunnel, this software hides where you go and what you do online. You can browse in public spaces and can use public wi-fi knowing you can’t be spied on. Here are some of the features that are offered by this software. 

  1. This software encrypts your connection so that nobody sees and tracks what you are doing online.
  2. You can enjoy secure, anonymous browsing with the help of this product. 
  3. AVG Secure VPN for Mac is a virtual private network that allows users to browse websites. You can even watch videos wherever you might be at home or on wi-fi. 
  4. This software helps to access blocked websites and content.
  5. Also, you can use this software for 5 devices at once. 
  6. With the help of this product, you can disguise your real location as often as you can. 
  7. Along with this software, you can protect yourself on public wi-fi. 
  8. It is fast, easy and just a little more secure antivirus for Mac devices. 

AVG Premium Tech Support 

AVG premium tech support provides outstanding services to its users. Our highly trained and experienced professionals can remotely diagnose your problem. After this, they fix anything that is not working and driving you up the wall. You can contact them anytime you want to and very easily. 

AVG support offers the contact number from where you can get solutions for all your queries. You can call them 24*7 for their technical support service. Also, our team of experts will diagnose your issue free of charge. Therefore, they will tell you exactly waht is needed to resolve the problem.

AVG premium tech support provides you with different plans by which you can resolve your problem easily. Therefore, you can choose plans according to your problem. 

Plan1: Simple Fix 

  • While choosing this plan our experts will diagnose your problem free of cost. 
  • It will resolve the problem for one device.
  • You will get one-time help with any of the following problems:
    • Helps in the setup of basic software and hardware.
    • Gives you web browser help and training.
    • Windows personalization

Plan 2: Complex Fix 

  • By choosing this plan our team of professionals will diagnose your problem free of cost.
  • Also, they will solve your problem up to one device.
  • You can do one time call for advance help with any of the following issues.
    • Problem-related to advanced software and hardware setup.
    • You can get help in order to use the software.
    •  Get help if you face any difficulty while internet and network setup.

Plan 3: Total Care 

  • You can solve your problem with 3 devices by choosing this plan.
  •   Also, you can call the experts an unlimited number of times when you face any problem. Some of them are given below:
    • Problem you might face while setup of advanced software.
    • The problem you might face while setup of advanced hardware.
    • You can get help in order to use the software.
    •  Get help if you face difficulty while internet and network setup.

Hence, the above information will help you to know more about AVG Mac products. Therefore, it will make it easy for you to choose the appropriate avg antivirus for Mac devices.